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50 years Xylon Periodical


The first issue of the Xylon periodical was published 50 years ago. It was conceived and edited by the Xylon Association of wood-cut artists of Switzerland. The periodical was to provide a wide and impressive overview of a national and international artists working in the field of relief printing. To date 145 issues of the periodical have been published..


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To mark the 50th anniversary of Xylon a special edition has been published that includes original prints by 50 artists. This includes 33 members of Xylon Switzerland and 17 invited guest artists, who have each created four printing blocks. The invitations went out on behalf of Xylon by Peter Emch and Josef Felix Müller.
The body of work produced by these artists is varied as each artist has approached the concept of what woodcut is in their own personal style. The resulting 200 original prints impressively document the relevance of this medium.
In his interview Stefan Wagner explores the historical development of the periodical Xylon. Roland Früh explains the standing of the woodcut in current artistic printing. And in her essay Véronique Yersin highlights the relationship between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary art work.

These contributions reflect and recognise the work done over the last 50 years by the Xylon periodical. This book project aims to inject the periodical with renewed energy into a promising future.

The 532-page work is available in an edition of 500 numbered copies and can be ordered here.


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Jo Achermann, Ian Anüll, John Armleder, Fred Bauer, Veronika Brusa, Franz Bucher, François Burland, Jacques Cesa, David Chieppo, André Clerc, Claudia Comte, Rudolf Deertz, Thomas Dettwiler, Christiane Duboi, Peter Emch, René Fehr-Biscioni, Alice Gafner, Duri Galler, Eva Gallizzi, Bruno Gentinetta, Otto Heigold, Heinz Keller, Barbara Kuebel, Adrian Künzi, Jean Luc Manz, Lucien Martini, Albert Mauerhofer, Marcel Mayer, Sebastien Mettraux, Claudia und Julia Müller, Josef Felix Müller, Caro Niederer, Marianne Rinderknecht, Thomas Ruch, Stefan Rutishauser, Roman Signer, Vital Simonet, Peter Stiefel, Christine Streuli, Ana Strika, Stephan Sude, Martin Thönen, Kaspar Toggenburger, Sebastian Utzni, Jean-Jacques Volz, Helmut Wenczel, Rolf Winnewisser, Michael Wissmann, Hans R. Wüthrich, Irène Wydler.


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Selbst (Self)


This special publication appears on the occasion of the 70 anniversary of the artist group XYLON Switzerland.
44 active artists of XYLON have cut a self-portrait in wood. The woodcuts were printed from the original blocks on a traditional printing press.
Texts by Sebastian Utzni, Hans Rudolf Bosshard, Emil Burki and Dr. phil. Rainer Stöckli convey the history of XYLON Switzerland and the art of relief printing based on many examples. The publication was conceived by Josef Felix Müller.


44 self-portraits as woodcuts by:
Jo Achermann, Fred Bauer, Pius Binz, Franz Bucher, Jaques Cesa, André Clerc, Claudia Comte, Rudolf Deertz, Thomas Dettwyler, Christiane Dubois, Peter Emch, René Fehr-Biscioni, Alice Gafner, Duri Galler, Eva Gallizzi, Bruno Gentinetta, Alois Hermann, Heinz Keller, Barbara Kuebel, Adrian Künzi, Christian Lippuner, Lucien Martini, Albert Mauerhofer, Sebastien Mettraux, Josef Felix Müller, Markus Müller, Marcel Mayer, Thierry Perriard, Thomas Ruch, Stefan Rutishauser, Achim Schroeteler, Gerhard S. Schürch, Vital Simonet, Peter Stiefel, Hanns Studer, Stephan Sude, Martin Thönen, Kaspar Toggenburger, Sebastian Utzni, Jean Jaques Volz, Helmut Wenczel, Michael Wissmann, H.R. Wüthrich, Irène Wydler


Editors: Peter Emch, Kaspar Toggenburger, Josef Felix Müller; Design: René Fehr-Biscioni; Printers: Studer Druck AG Horgen; Organisation: Eva Gallizzi


Limited Edition: 500 numbered copies format 24.5 x 34.5 cm
CHF 150.– plus shipping costs
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